Present and Score Projects

Time to present!

Now that you’ve distributed project information and members have had the opportunity to review regional ideas, it’s time to present. Each RPO member will have a chance to present their project and have it measured based on agreed upon scoring criteria.

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This tutorial will guide you through the process of holding the meeting and administering the presentations. Scroll down to get started. To return to the main field guide page, click here.


Meeting and Process

Be supportive throughout the meeting

As the event organizer and regional leader, it will be imperative to provide structure and support throughout the course of the meeting and during the presentations.

Start the meeting by thanking everyone for coming and re-iterate the importance of this process to Regional Transportation Planning. While everyone should already know the following, it will be useful and supportive to mention:

  • The order of the presentations
  • Guidelines for the presentation
    • What you should cover
    • How much time you have
  • How the scoring will work
    • Filling out scoring sheets
    • Explain rules for scoring
  • What will happen after the presentations
  • The ultimate goal of this process (which is not picking winners and losers, but collaborative regional transportation planning)

Here is an example of what a filled out score sheet might look like for member:

An example of a filled out score sheet

Now sit back and enjoy the presentations. When they are finished, collect and present the scores to the RPO members. That process will be covered in the next tutorial. To continue working towards supportive regional transportation planning, choose from the following:


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