Finalize Regional Project Priorities

Tally up scores and finish!

Now that presentations are finished, the next step is crucial reiterating the purpose of this exercise as well as strengthening regional communication.

This tutorial will guide you through the scoring process as well as presenting the results.

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The Scoring Process

Tally up scores and finish!

As soon as the presentations are over, have the score sheets collected and given to two previously chosen RPO staff. Have them tally the scores independently in a separate room.

While the members are waiting in a separate room, thank everyone for coming and reiterate the importance of this process and how it contributes to regional transportation planning:

  • Provides a unified voice for regional/rural transportation needs
  • Counterbalances municipal/urban transportation needs
  • Sits at the table with your MPO, DOT, and MTA
  • Serves as a conduit for building support among elected officials and their constituents

When the scoring is finished, have the two RPO staff members who tallied the scores announce the winner and explain the categories where they excelled the most. Next, explain how this project will be put forward and submitted to the state DOT for consideration.

The final step, will be to send an email out to all the members containing the following:

  • File containing an ordered list of the projects with scores
  • A description of the process and what led to this moment
  • Comments about not focusing on funding and instead what you learned during this process
  • The importance of regional transportation planning
  • A “thank you” for all participation

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