Housing Redevelopment

All things housing in your community

Welcome to the Housing Redevelopment Field Guide!

An appropriate analysis of all things housing in your community involves a comprehensive process that is unique in every town. Because of this fact, approaches to it will vary and this field guide is no different. Here are a series of tutorials that offer guidance and support:

All communities have a unique story and unique path to their future. To ensure the best outcomes, it’s important to collect and analyze as much data as possible to put your decisions in the proper context.


Useful links:

Housing Inventory from the City of San Francisco’s Planning Department
Housing Inventory from City of Beverly Hills General Plan
Portland Oregon’s 2008 Housing Inventory
New York City’s Approach to Housing Inventories
Smart Growth Case Studies
Measuring the Health Effects of Sprawl
Model Design Manual for Living Streets
City of Austin’s Comprehensive Housing Market Analysis
Harvard University’s Study on Housing and Aging America
UNC-Charlotte’s Comprehensive Affordable Housing Market Study
DePaul University’s Housing Market Conditions Report