Downtown Redevelopment

Each downtown redevelopment plan will be unique

Your approach to downtown redevelopment will be unique as your downtown. Characteristics like existing businesses, on and off-street parking, and undeveloped land define your downtown and differentiate it from another. Each downtown redevelopment plan will be unique, but most redevelopment plans include these common steps, including:

  1. Creating a Downtown Inventory
  2. Performing a Market Analysis
  3. Surveying the Downtown Community
  4. Identifying Redevelopment Sites
  5. Visualizing Development

This field guide includes step-by-step tutorials that guide and support your community through their downtown redevelopment process.

To complete these tutorials you will need to have the following:

There is never a one size fits all solution to revitalizing a downtown. All communities have a unique story and unique path to their future. To ensure the best outcomes, it’s important to collect and analyze as much data as possible to put your decisions in the proper context.


Federal Grant Opportunities:

HOPE VI Main Street Grant Program

Other Resources for Downtown Redevelopment:

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