EAPDD is a non-profit regional planning and development agency serving a 12-county area of eastern Arkansas.

Under the provisions of the Economic Development Act (Public Law 89-136, 89th Congress, August 25, 1965), and the applicable laws of the State of Arkansas, Act 176 of 1963 (Ark. Stat. 64-1901, 21), the local government units, hereinafter referred to as counties, as subsequently named, created East Arkansas Planning & Development District.

East Arkansas Planning & Development District was created for the following purposes:

  • To prepare and develop a district over-all economic development program for long-range economic growth which includes adequate land use and transportation planning and contains a specific program for District cooperation, self-help, and public investment.
  • To formulate, develop, and administer a program for planning and development in order to improve economic conditions in the District in respect to unemployment, underemployment, and distressed economic conditions.
  • To coordinate the over-all economic planning and development in the District among the member counties.
  • To carry out such research, planning, and advisory functions as are necessary and helpful to the foregoing.

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